“We built a new home with Vaughan and Sautter and the experience was incredibly easy and enjoyable. We absolutely love our new home. Vaughan and Sautter provided step-by-step assistance in designing the layout for our house and helped us create our dream home. The quality of construction is exceptional and the detailed craftsmanship produces an exquisite final product. The time estimates were extremely accurate and despite significant adverse weather during the building process, we moved into our home exactly on our initial target date. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of our experience was working with Vaughan and Sautter’s top notch people. From the selections manager to the construction foreman, everyone involved in building our home provided a personalized touch. Vaughan and Sautter turned what many describe as an overwhelming experience into a pleasant process that never became stressful.”
Adam and Danielle




“We have always lived in new homes…we have built five to be exact. When we first began our search, we could not find any homes to meet our needs with the quality we were accustomed to. We decided to take a look at a Chip Vaughan home.After visiting Springhouse, we knew it was for us. The house had everything we wanted and more, with quality and design features we had never seen before. It had everything possible for modern day luxury.

Several years later, we needed a little more space….so we again came to Chip for an addition to this gorgeous home. Chip told us anything was possible. We even added an elevator. Chip and his team were so easy to work with. They had the vision and good sense of what we wanted, gave us plans and had the addition ready in ninety days. They were responsive at all times seven days a week. We have never worked with anyone as qualified. We love our home!”

Ilene and Steve
Newtown Square




” ‘There is no place like home’…Most especially if your home was built by Vaughan and Sautter! We have built a new home in the past, only to experience one headache after another. This time around, we found this to be the most pleasurable experience. From the agreement of sale, the design process up to and including settlement, we were completely satisfied and could not be happier with the choice we made.Chip Vaughan made sure that our dream house became our reality, working with us every step of the way. We truly love the house we have built and do believe ‘there is no place like home’ “

Mark and Michele
Glen Mills


“The fact that this is the second home I have built with Chip says I had a good experience – pretty stress free. If there were issues, Chip always resolved them to my satisfaction. That is worth a lot to me. My first Vaughan and Sautter house was a duplicate model, but my new home is completely custom and I am very pleased with the design process and the plan. My son also built a new home and there was never a thought to even interview another builder – of course he would build with Chip.”



“Simply put, ‘it’s all in the detail’. From developing the plans to the final days before closing Chip took pride in the quality of our new home as if it were his own. I will never forget the day when we walked the lot to site our home and Chip carefully decided where it should be placed, taking into consideration every possible factor that could affect the quality of our home. We walked away and thought….Chip Vaughan loves what he does…he has a passion for building and making things just right. We were impressed.The people in the office and the subcontractors all delivered the services entrusted to them. This epitomized the quality and craftsmanship and outstanding integrity you expect in owning a Chip Vaughan home. They carried the same commitment as Chip, building a beautiful home for our family to enjoy for many years. People say our home is so warm and inviting that they could move right in! I say ‘it’s all in the detail’.

Our home is everything we expected. We enjoy the rooms and how they make sense for our busy lives and integrate the charming architectural design. We enjoy the view because Chip sited it perfectly from every window. We enjoy how our home makes us feel. ‘It’s all because of the detail’.”

Lisa and Jim
Glen Mills